Vietnam CFO Forum 2012 themed “Financial Restructuring to Overcome the Crisis”

Hochiminh city, Vietnam – On October 17, 2012, Vietnam Chief Financial Officers (VCFO) in cooperation with Japan Association for CFOs (JACFO), and ACCA will host the Vietnam CFO Forum 2012 themed “Financial Restructuring to Overcome the Crisis” at New World Hotel.

The event will rally more than 200 representatives of the International Association of Financial Executive Institute (IAFEI), VCFO, JACFO, and ACCA members, as well as representatives from international and domestic financial associations, chief esxecutive officers, chief financial officers, and financial leaders.

Vietnam CFO Forum 2012 is an annual financial forum for financial communities, held as part of a series of the International Association Financial Executives Institutes (IAFEI) activities to promote the sharing of local and international experiences, skills, knowledge and information in the field of corporate finance governance. IAFEI is a prestige institution with 19 CFO association members and more than 16,000 individual members.

The Vietnam CFO Forum 2012 focuses on financial restructuring, a top issue of concern of many enterprises. Given the context of economic difficulties, enterprises are suffering from huge losses, heavy debts and facing apparent threat of loss of liquidity. Corporate restructuring turns out to be a necessary process, and financial restructuring is considered a productive solution to help enterprises eliminate financial problems, improve business liquidity, and reestablish a strong capital structure to finance for future growth. Financial restructuring is also at the core of the whole restructuring process of an enterprise.

The Forum will give participants an overview of Asia and Vietnam’s economic outlook in 2013 and new expectations on the roles of CFOs in the new age. Experts will share their practical experiences on surviving the crisis by ensuring a healthy cash flow, and ways to approach potential lenders, investors or acquirers seeking to expand in Asia to finance for future growth of enterprises. Also at the Forum, financial experts will provide specific recommendations on applying appropriate financial tools so that enterprises could successfully carry out their financial restructuring process.

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